About a week before our bowhunting season started, I received a call from a land owner. I had called over a month prior, asking permission to hunt the property. By the time the phone call ended, I was granted permission to bow hunt new property. I was elated because I haven't had a place close to home that I could consistently deer hunt. With working week nights and every other weekend, I knew I wouldn't get to hunt our usual spot, three hours away, as often as I’d like.

I spend a lot of time on the road. It's rare that I'm ever home for anything other than sleep. I live to the east and majority of my driving is to the west. Incidentally, the property I just got permission to hunt on, is west of where I live, so driving back and forth would be obnoxious. That's why convenience is key. When the season started, I packed my car with five items so I could stay on the go, and be locked and loaded for any planned or last minute decision hunts. Here's what I'll be loaded up with the rest of the season...

Mathews Avail- My Mathews Avail is easily my new partner in crime (without the actual crime). I keep it in my car for obvious reasons, but if I can slip away for even an hour to practice shoot somewhere too, I will. The more I practice, the more confident I am in the field.

Scent Crusher Gear Bag/Ozone Go Max- I’m quickly becoming a believer. I could sit here and talk about how I’ve hunted the wrong wind and I had deer come from downwind of me, but I won’t do that…even though it’s true. If anything though, it’s given me peace of mind. It’s such a simple step to be that much more cautious. My camo was washed once at the beginning of the season, and it hasn’t touched a washer or unscented detergent since. My base layers, jacket, pants, gloves, hates, socks, everything, gets put into the bag. I’ve stayed consistent, running a cycle in the bag immediately before and after a sit. Almost every sit, I’ve been surrounded by deer and have yet to get busted. The gear bag even comes with a car charger, so all I have to do is plug it in and run it on the go (multitasking level: expert). As for the Ozone Go Max, the smell of coffee, food, perfume, and sometimes my hunting boots, tend to inhabit my car. The Ozone Go Max plugs into my outlet and gets rid of those extra odors in no time. Again, just one more easy, effortless step to ensure tree ninja status. Take that information as you will, but like I said, I’m becoming a believer.

Women’s Woody Max Muck Boots- I’ve tried and own several kinds of rubber boots, but I use my Muck Boots the most. Typically, in Wisconsin, we have more wet, cold fall days than not. I’m always tracking through mud and tall wet grass to get to my stands, so my regular hiking boots don’t even compare.

Rhino Cooler- It might be a little overzealous, but I know I’ll be happy to have it when and if I do harvest a deer. It’s incredibly likely that if I harvest a deer, I’ll likely be taking it to my parent’s house to process it. Reason being, I’ll want to show it off, it’s nice to have the extra help, and because they have all the supplies required to self-process. In the case of success and self-processing at my parents, I’ll need a cooler to haul all that wonderful venison to my place, and I trust the Rhino Cooler to keep it that meat fresh until it hits the freezer. On an unrelated note, I recently spent a day out of town and had to do some grocery shopping. I knew I wouldn’t be home until much later, so I put the groceries that needed to stay cool into the cooler. How convenient, right?!

Vortex Diamondback 10x42 Binos- I keep my binos in the car for glassing no matter where I am. Being my father’s daughter and on the road at all times of the day, I’m constantly on the lookout for deer and turkeys. Obviously I don’t use them while driving, but driving down country roads, I usually stop to eye up a buck here and there. Aside from roadside glassing though, I use them constantly on hunts. My eyesight isn’t great, so if I see a buck on the hoof, I like to really look them over to make a decision if I need to get prepared. For the last hour and a half of my sit last Friday, I had those suckers on my eyes almost every other minute glassing a bachelor group of booners.

For me, convenience is key, and being prepared will always get you ahead. If I didn’t have these items on hand, I think my liklihood of success would be exponentially diminished. Convenience is time, time is power, and power is venison…or something like that.