I love being organized...I'm not always, but when I am, I love it. I'm forever making lists; to-do lists, grocery lists, lists of things I need, lists of things I want, the list goes on (see what I mean?). One of the lists I tend to go back to, and am continuously adding onto, is a Bucket List of sorts. We all have those things we want, places we want to go, and things we want to do before our time is up in this world. Specifically, one of my ever-growing lists, is my Outdoor Bucket List.

For years I have dreamt of the things I would love to do and try. Some of the activities have happened, some are in the works, and others are in the distant future. Over the past several years, it has become glaringly apparent that I'm the kind of girl that wants to do it all (in almost every aspect of my life). Of course that isn't any different when it comes to being an outdoorsman. I crave adventure and new relationships with other outdoorsman. I'm always searching for people that can help me and teach me new things and take me places I have never been. I have always been intrigued by things foreign to me. There are so many hobbies and activities from the world of hunting, fishing, and conservation that I was not brought up with, but would love to try. The way I see it, everyday is a chance to try something new, and at one point, I just started thinking, "You know those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them."

I first started thinking about an outdoor-oriented bucket list when I was 22 years old. Looking back on that year, I can proudly say it was my most successful and probably my most exciting year, filled with many firsts (read about it HERE). I started my 22nd year by shooting one of my biggest Toms at 60+ yards using the Benelli Nova my Dad and I share. We spent hours calling him in and there was zero chance of him coming any closer. I made the call and told my Dad that as soon as the turkey hit a rise in the field, I was taking the shot. It was all uphill from there. From the months of September to January I shot my first black bear, went duck hunting for the first time(was successful in shooting several), shot my first big buck worthy of a shoulder mount, and caught my first Northern Pike(on and off ice). Since that year, I have constantly been adding to my Outdoor Bucket List. So, without further adieu and in no particular order...



-Sturgeon (Catch and/or Spear)


-Catfish (Noodling!)

-Walleye (x)

-Learn How To Fly Fish

-Deep Sea Fishing (x)

-Shark (x)


          -Stringray (x)

          -Ocean Bowfishing(x)


-Elk (especially with a bow)


-Moose (especially with a bow)


-Mule Deer

-Safari Hunt (or just go to Africa just to see the wildlife)



-Black Bear Bowhunt

-Grizzly Bear

-Mountain Lion


-Canada Hunting/Fishing combo trip

-Alaska Hunting/Fishing combo trip


-Have Labrador Retrievers of every color

-Live on a property with acreage that butts up to a lake

I would say, my top priority, is to bow hunt elk. I've watched countless shows and clips of elk hunts, and I think that experience would be one of the most magical and rewarding moments. The list gets longer everyday, and everyday, I'll do what I can to help myself reach these goals. However, if I spent the rest of my days bowhunting whitetails in Wisconsin, I would be just as happy. With that being said, I'll ask you this...What’s on your list and when was the last time you did something for the first time? 

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