Late last night I received a phone call. The name on my phone at that time of night had me slightly baffled. I assumed it was a butt dial, but decided to answer. I heard Sam Ubl's friendly voice on the other end. "I saw you were online and wanted to chat, but figured I would just call." Part of me suddenly became a little anxious because I couldn't imagine what he needed to discuss at 9:15pm. "I wanted to call and tell you how proud of you I am." All at once, I was beaming. Sam has been there since I started taking my writing seriously. I've always worked hard on my pieces, but it wasn't until this past year that I had considered taking it to new heights and set some (realistic and manageable) goals for the year.

Sam has been my mentor and proofread the majority of my work over the last year, and it has changed the way I've written for the better. He's given me advice and helped me, and my writing, improve greatly. Recently though, I've been doubting myself. After months, days, and hours hovering over my computer, I've wondered if my work is good enough.

This out-of-the-blue phone call meant the world to me. It's one thing to hear positive feedback from your friends and family, and it's another to get it from the people you're writing for, but to hear it from someone that owes you absolutely nothing, is even more meaningful. This phone call reignited a fire in me. I'm pretty self-motivated, but even the self-motivated need support like this from time to time. That support helps drive me. It makes me want to do better and be better. More importantly, it makes me feel like the sky is the limit when it comes to my aspirations. I'm proud to say that with Sam's help and encouragement, I've attained the goals I set out to achieve.

So Sam, thank you for supporting me, for letting me bother you whenever I needed a quick edit or proofread, for inspiring me, and motivating me. Now, onto bigger and better things.


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