Curt Geier, Product Development Specialist, Podcast Personality, and CarbonTV Show Host for the Working Class Bowhunter, has always had a deep love of bowhunting whitetails. Curt has always preached the importance of ethical hunting and quality deer management. So much so, that in 2010, Curt became an official measurer for the Pope and Young Club. Being familiar with organizations such as Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett, I was curious to learn more about how a person gets into the world of measuring and scoring.  

What is Pope and Young? 

It's an organization that stands up for what we, as bowhunters believe in, and ultimately promotes pure ethics of bowhunting.

What made you decide to be a Pope and Young Measurer?

I Had A lot of Mentors When I was first climbing the steepest part of the learning curve for bowhunting whitetails. One of them was a very successful bowhunter, who happened to be a Pope & Young Measurer. I remember thinking about how big of a deal that was and I looked up to him because of it. The more I learned overtime, The more fortunate I felt to be around some pretty big whitetails. It made me even more interested in learning how to measure deer. 

I love everything about antlers, deer, and the community that comes with measuring, which is what made me decide to Become an official measurer. it seemed like something I just had to do. I learned online how to Measure correctly, and that eventually led me to get serious about making it, “official." 


What is the processes to do so?

I believe the process is the same as when I started. The First thing anyone interested should do, is join the club as a member. It costs $40/year to support THe organization. I believe A reference from a current Pope and Young Measurer is still required.  

measurers application

If accepted, you are required to take a measurer's class. if school was Anything like the measuring class, I’d Probably be a damn measuring doctor at this point. I was actually sad when it was over. My class was located at the P&Y Museum and Headquarters located in minnesota. I would HIGHLY recommend everyone Visit it and check it out.

What are some of your favorite things about being a Pope and Young measurer?

All of the Antlers! however, that’s only part of it. of course antlers are a large part of pope and young, but I truly love everything that comes with the club. I love meeting people that live and breathe the passion of deer hunting. I love being able to represent a group that stands for ethical bowhunting and instills a good outlook of bowhunting. 

What advice would you give to those looking to get into measuring?

Start by learning some of the basics at home and see if it’s something you really want to dedicate a lot of your time to. It seems I get busier and busier every year with work, life, and the working class bowhunter podcast. The podcast has gotten larger than I ever thought it would, so finding the time to dedicate to measuring is still very important. If you don’t have a deep passion and RESPECT for hunting, becoming a measurer is probably not for you. 

What sets Pope and Young apart from other measuring and quality deer management groups?

I like the bowhunting history Behind the Pope and young Club.  It gives you the opportunity to honor an individual animal that you harvested.  pope and young collects data from all animal entries and puts it into the Records Program which is available to members. most clubs encourage ethics in hunting, but pope and young is based on that belief and that’s why i love the club so much. Good ethics and respect need to be the priorities in hunting, with Respect for the animals being number one.

Are there any misconceptions about Pope and Young?

The biggest misconception, in my opinion, is that the club is ONLY about score and “Nets are for fishing.” it’s about so much more than that. People fail to consider how important it is to be a member and what it does for our community. 

Personally, getting into measuring and becoming a member of an organization like Pope and Young, was never on my radar. As I get to know Curt more, I realize we have a lot in common in the way of passion for bowhunting and whitetails. He has opened up my eyes to a deep-rooted world of ways to meet more awesome folks within the hunting community, handle some amazing critters, and share the passion of ethical bowhunting.